Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The DWP must know me...

Once again, there's darkness in GottaBookland... except this time, it's not total. One whole room has power as does one circuit in my office -- the one which powers my UPS (thus my computer, modem, network, printer, etc) and a single light. The other office lights (and my best friend, Mr. Oscillating Fan) are kaput. Elsewhere, the fridge is down. The microwave is dark. Yet the clock on the stove still works, thus implying there's an outlet somewhere in the kitchen that's still working. The bedrooms are dark, but really there's no harm in that in the nighttime. Flipping breakers is no use -- this is an outage beyond my skills. But again, thanks to the powers that be power powerful for letting me work tonight.

Plus, thanks to the blessed outlet, I'm able to sign on and note that my latest Book Talk column is up over at momready (where there's always goooood reading). If you've got power, I recommend you check it all out. And if you don't, thanks a lot for finding a refuge and checking me out. Good choice!

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