Thursday, July 13, 2006


One of the great things about being a writer is that you can convince yourself that everything you do is 'research' for some yet unthought of project. So, while it's likely true that I'm not going to write a book all about flourless chocolate cake, there's nothing wrong with testing the density of a few just in case I ever come up with a character who is obsessed with that delicious dessert. Likewise, I think I'd be remiss if I didn't compare said treat with, say, cheesecake to see which one creates stronger cravings and/or higher levels of satisfaction.

Sadly, my research is incomplete. I didn't realize it would be so hard to reach conclusions, and I'm thinking I'll have to add pecan pie, at least, into the mix in order to really understand this imagined character.

On other fronts, I realize that in my brief synopsis of my Scholastic visit, I failed to mention something that I think will be of interest to all my fellow writers: OH MY WORD that pile of manuscripts is really huge. I mean, I know we always hear editors talk about the big pile of manuscripts (whether they call it slush or whether it's solicited) they have to read, but when you actually see it up close and personal, you suddenly understand why it can take months and months to hear back. If they had no other work to do, it'd probably STILL take longer than we writers would like, but egad, it was quite something.

Actually, I would like to propose to all my editor-readers (or to any here who have editors' ears), that you think of installing a web-based "Slush Cam" so we can all see the giant pile in real time. Pick among yourselves who has the most absurd pile, and go from there. It'd be eye-opening... plus we writers could probably turn it into a drinking game as we anticipate when the next manuscript will be pulled from the pile. I know I'd watch, but I am a professional crastinator, after all.

Time to fly (literally), so I gotta book. See y'all in another state soooooon.


The Buried Editor said...

Amen. The slush just never ends. It just never ends.

Lisa Yee said...
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Lisa Yee said...

What state will you be in next?

Confusion? Elation? Dessertation?

Greg Pincus said...

Is dessertation a state of mind?

Officially, I'm in the Southern Carolina where things are confusing for those from Southern Cal, as there's a USC, some similar town names, and odd accents.