Friday, February 12, 2010

A Poetry Re-issue: Book Report on the Dictionary

Gregory K.

I found the plot missing,
The dialog weak.
I kept waiting and waiting for someone to speak.

The characters bored me.
In fact, there weren’t any!
The jokes were not funny, and there weren’t too many.

The book started slowly.
The middle lacked energy.
And what type of ending is “zymotic, zymurgy”?

The authors have talent
But need to refine it...
'Cause if there's a point here, they failed to define it.

Since I promised a little retrospective betwixt my 1,000th post and upcoming blogoversary, what better poem to reprint than the only one that ever led to angry, angry mail here at GottaBook? Yes, you see, the edition of the dictionary my correspondent had did NOT have those two words at the end, and, while they understood I had taken poetic license with the concept, it was totally pointless for me to make up fake words when I could use real ones. Oh, to have sent them this link! But I didn't :-)

The Poetry Friday roundup is over at my friend Lee Wind's I'm Here, I'm Queer. What the Hell Do I Read? (a fantastic blog and resource, by the way). Go off and find yourself a poetry post to love, I tell ya!

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Stacy Nockowitz said...

I don't care what the critics say, I love this one!
Stacy from Some Novel Ideas

Flying Selki said...

That's so funny, but
my newest book is almost all made up words. I hope that's not intrinsically bad?

Author Amok said...

I don't know if the poem or the link is funnier. Thanks for the laugh!

Mary Lee said...

I'm with Author Amok! The poem is great, but I simply CAN'T WAIT for the opportunity to use that website! ZING!