Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Douglas Florian (kinda, sorta)

Things have been running so smoothly here in the inaugural year of 30 Poets/30 Days, and yet today, in the words of a rather famous poet, things have gone aglay! Due to scheduling and communications gaffes, I do not have a new Douglas Florian poem to share with you as I type this. But fear not! It will come anon. And right now? Welllllllll... there still must be poetry!

I'm a huge, huge, huge Douglas Florian fan and have been for a long time. And, in fact, years ago, he was nice enough to answer questions of mine sent to him from out of the blue, so I, of course, became an even bigger fan! But his work always tickles my funny bone, and his ability to find new ways to talk about things like bugs, planets and dinosaurs continues to amaze. Plus he actually led me to write one of my early attempts at a children's poem, something I'm sure he does not know. But I was reading his collection Bing Bang Boing and ran into...

Douglas Florian

I think I've never
Seen a poem
To praise a piece
of Styrofoam.
I've waited years -
I'm waiting still.
I guess I never

I was inspired. So I sat down and wrote the following:

Ode to a Piece of Styrofoam
(For Douglas Florian)
Gregory K.

Styrofoam's good -
There is no debate.
And Styrofoam won't

Now, I never thought I'd have a chance to actually ANSWER Douglas Florian, nor do I hold this up as a shining example of my work... but sometimes fate gives you an opportunity you just have to take. So, ha! We'll see if he rewrites his poem any time soon. By the way, Douglas Florian was the first ever guest-poet on GottaBook, way back in April, 2006, and I know he'll be here again soon. So stick around, as they say, and you'll get more Douglas Florian even if timing wise, it might not fit perfectly into 30 Poets/30 Days.

Yesterday we had April Halprin Wayland's How to Read a Poem Aloud. Tomorrow, to help celebrate Dia and bring National Poetry Month to a close, Books & Me by Pat Mora!


James said...

Ha! That's funny stuff. I don't think he'll change his poem though, since it looks like the rules say he doesn't have to.

Looking forward to another poem from one of my favorite poets, too.

Kelly Polark said...

I can't wait for a poem specifically about styrofoam peanuts! :)
Fun stuff!
Florian's one witty poet!

Cathy C. Hall said...

So, Gregory, two can play that game (though okay, it's not exactly an ode)

Styrofoam is bad, bad, bad.
It makes me very sad, sad, sad.

I wish that I could pull a lever,
and make it disappear forever!

But here's my ode to you:

Gottabook's been great, great, great!
The poetry has been first-rate.

All month long I've laughed a lot
at all the poets that you got!

Thanks, Greg!

kris said...

ja!it was vert funny the poem, i realy injoy it.

looking forward to another poem.

Greg Pincus said...

LOL, Cathy! Note that I was answering his call for a poem in praise. Admittedly, one could read my as praise by faint damning, of course!

And I'm glad you've liked the month. Me too!!!!