Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 30th = triple the fun!

So, tomorrow could be a "sad" day around here with the end of National Poetry Month and all, but since I celebrate things poetic year round, I don't view it as anything beyond the completion of 30 Poets/30 Days. Besides, I think it's a happy day. You see...

April 30th is El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children's Day/Book Day) also known as Dia. Why not find out if there are celebrations going on anywhere near you?

Or if you're looking for something where you don't have to leave your seat, come join the Twitter poetry chat at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific. I'll be late to this chat, but it'll be going on nicely without me, I'm sure. The conversation every week has been fabulous and often spread out over four continents! I'd also note that two of the other participants in 30 Poets/30 Days have jumped in, as well as many other fabulous poets and poetry lovers.

AND... the 30th is the 2nd Annual Poem in Your Pocket Day. You can print out any poem from this month here at the blog to pull out and share with people all day long. You can nab Bobbi Katz's new More Pocket Poems for some perfect pocket fodder. You can write your own, tweet your own or find other poems you love... but I sure hope you do something to celebrate.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, indeed, but now I gotta book. See you then!

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