Thursday, July 26, 2007

The windup and...

... the pitch!

In the pile o' notebooks recently unearthed in the great cleansing of aught-seven was one full of notes for a movie pitch I'd done a while back. Pitches come in a broad variety of ilks, from one sentence to a full on telling of your movie (10-20 minutes if you're bold and great). The notes I found were for the latter type: every beat of the movie clearly plotted out with twists and turns and character stuff logged in my notes.

Nothing unusual about this. Did it all the time. But in looking at this particular story... I have NO memory of it. I can't place it. Can't recall telling it. It's an okay idea, mind you, but perhaps there was a reason it didn't stick with others? Wild.

I fully expect to wake up at 3 one moring and say "ahhh! Of course!!!!!!" But until then, your guess is as good as mine.

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Rita said...

This kind of thing happens to me all the time--though (so far) not to the level of discovering a whole plotted-out movie pitch! I find scenes and ideas.

An instructor recently told me "Creative mind has no memory," i.e., you MUST always write down your brainstorms the moment you have them. It's like dreaming, he said. It is dreaming. And we can't remember our dreams.