Sunday, July 29, 2007

If you give a writer an online connection...

... he/she will probably use it to do some 'research.'

If the writer is successful in researching, the writer will probably spend too much time doing it.

If the writer spends too much time doing it, he'll probably want to share it with others.

If the writer shares it with others, then you can feel free to leave annoyed/grateful messages on the writer's blog.

If you leave messages on the writer's blog, he/she will need to sign online to see them.

If the writer signs online, the writer will do research!


Kelly Fineman said...

Coolest name on the list? Sikyifriykyiwa

How can you not love something with so very many Ys in it that sounds like it should be Japanese or Scandanavian, but is really from Africa?

Rita said...

This is great, both the post and the link. :)