Sunday, July 15, 2007


In case it isn't clear, I like children's books. If you were to look around GottaHome, you'd see... well... tooooo many of them!

And thus, bags were packed for donations. And what's scary is that there are books in there that I never recall reading or even seeing get into the stacks. Where'd they come from? And why? In some cases, I recall nabbing a book from a pile, but now looking at it... nope. No clue.

Was there a single illustration I no longer remember that had attracted me? Was it a favorite author? Did I think the subject matter was perfect for... well, for any reason?

Does this happen to others of you, or am I the only one with the mystery acquisitions? I GottaKnow!


Kelly Fineman said...

Oh the Books You Will Find!

At least, that's how my reading piles and shelves go. In part because I buy books for me to read, and for M (12) and S (14) as well. And sometimes, they get put in Other People's Piles. And when they show up again, I wonder why they are here. And when I got them. And more.

Saipan Writer said...

I have a ton of books I haven't read. I bought them--at least most of them. I'll get to them eventually. Well, I want to, I think.

A few, though, really do seem like mystery guests. And I'm too polite to just toss them out without giving them a chance.