Thursday, January 11, 2007

Other people again

I know, I know. I just sent you to Lisa Yee's blog for her great contest, and I'm sending you off-blog again today.

But still...

Longtime readers here may (and I mean it's unlikely, but humor me) remember when I linked to the Coudal Partners site for their "booking bands" list -- combining book names with band names. It's HERE and definitely worth a (or another) look see.

So I'm linking there again (I get their infrequent mailings, ya see) cuz I am a big fan of the PDF you can download, print out... then cut and store in your wallet.

Maybe this is just a "big city" issue, the whole people-on-cell-phones thing, but I quite like their approach -- right here.

And on that note... I gotta book.

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maryt/theteach said...

Saw your entry in Lisa Yee's contest "The Goy in the Striped Pajamas" Funny!
Hope you win.
Want to see mine? Toward the end on page 7 right now under indexer 62 The Bat in the Hat. I entered two entires for the title. I must thank you for putting me on to Lisa Yee's contest. I'm having such fun