Saturday, January 06, 2007

Memed again -- the top five posts list

So, MotherReader tagged me with a meme: list your five favorite posts of your own from last year. This is so self-indulgent and backwards looking that I couldn't be happier about being tagged!

5) I have to begin with the post that started the blog: Me? A librarian?. I was sorta right about what I'd be writing about, I guess.

4) I love the participatory nature of blogs, so I'm always happy when an idea amuses others besides just me. Along those lines, this post was my favorite of the list-creation variety. I betcha some of you have new entries you can add, too....

3) Having a chance to share my Oddaptations with an audience who knows the books in question has been a real treat. I coulda linked to any of the Oddaptations, but decided the first post is best, since it contains two.

2) Poetry Friday has been a lot of fun (as was posting poem-a-day during April), and I'm gonna pick a single poem to represent that whole shebang. Coulda been any, but I chose my Pluto poem since I wrote it as I blogged and it was about news that had just happened. I'd love to do more of that, frankly.

1) As I said a few days ago, my choice for top post o' the year simply has to be The Fib. 355 comments! Hundreds and hundreds of links! Dozens and dozens of new friends! One book deal! All cuz of one post. I still find it remarkable. Being at the heart of a meme (and a small one by net standards) was incredible, thrilling, humbling, and fascinating... and not something that I will ever forget.

So, what about you? Do you have your own top five posts? I'm not tagging anyone in specific, but if you're reading this... why not play along?

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MotherReader said...

Thanks for playing. I could have guessed your number 1 pick, though I didn't know it had 355 comments. Wowie wow wow!

Glad I gave you the chance to be indulgent. It's totally fun, isn't it?