Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oooh, a contest....

Nope. Not mine. But it's one with prizes. AND it's funnnnnnnnny.

Lisa Yee is running a great contest. In short, change the first letter of a word in a children's book title to come up with a new book... and write a sentence describing it. There are great examples in the comments (and in her post), and I say that even though I haven't entered my "great" examples yet. That's cuz the first ones I came up with pale in comparison to, well, almost all the other ones. It's not gonna be easy for me to measure up to "Green Eggs and 'Nam" or "The Souse at Pooh Corner," two already submitted entries.

If even you don't wanna play, I highly recommend reading THE POST AND THE COMMENTS.

Goooood stuff.

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