Monday, January 15, 2007

The Fibonacci family

I gotta say that when I started this blog, I didn't think folks would find it by searching Google to see "who was Leonardo Fibonacci's wife?" Nor did I think people would come here wanting to know how many children Fibonacci had... or their names... and I'm sure the folks searching for those answers didn't think they'd end up at a children's literature blog. But they do. Gotta love the Net.

Since we're talking Fibonacci, it's a good time to remind you all to remember the contest. Write Fibs, win cash. (With other cool contest elements, too).

And for Fibs that Leonardo F. himself would appreciate, why not head on over to fibocomponimenti for some Italian Fibbery?

Fibs are everywhere... and that's something else I don't think I expected when GottaBook began. Gotta love the Net!


Anonymous said...

GK...FYI just sent this to seb_1...LOL

enrico said...
Fiboletterario,,, questo caso è concesso cominciare la serie numerica con un solo 1 visto che sarebbe quasi impossibile comporre due versi con una sola lettera (ma se ci si riesce tanto meglio...)

and sweet...
ma tanto meglio
for use in my fiboletters..

(Please forgive me, seb_1... {;-(

16 gennaio 2007 17.51

Sebone said...

Of course I forgive you, Enrico....
But I don't understand why you tink is funny (LOL) if you have write a Fibo with 2 single letters on start..... and why you have posted (...pasted) on this blog your comment....

non laugh
because of a fibo.

Anonymous said...

I laugh, amico, because my pitiful attempts at Fibs are always laughable! And posted on this Blog relying on GK's understanding..and leniency...