Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Get cracking....

Four pads of paper sit in front of me*, each one devoted to a specific "idea" I'm working on. I've been jotting notes on each pad, hoping that one idea asserts itself so that I end up ignoring (but still loving) the others. So far, I've found that most of my notes are on a fifth pad (well, a notebook, really): thoughts on the next draft of the 14 Fabulous Fibs. I take this as a good thing, of course, since I love the process of rewriting.

Up to a point, of course!

I also love the process of breaking down new ideas. My mind swims with questions: Will they work? Will they flop? Can I say I've worked enough today to eat a PopTart? Sure, my mind also goes to the pile of notebooks or stapled together pages of ideas that never quite moved off the page, but then there are the manuscripts I've got that DID come from this same process. Love it.

And for the record, the answers are "don't know yet," "don't know yet," and "Yes!" So I'll see you all later, cuz now I GottaToast.

* I must note for the purists here that "in front of me" is metaphorical. Those who've seen me at work know that four pads neatly spread out around me just isn't going to happen, nor does it strike me as a good way for me to work. But metaphorically it's exactly right, so y'all are gonna have to deal!

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