Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The lurking pile

My library duty starts up again next week, but over in the corner of one room around here sits a pile... a big pile... of boxes and books that have to be transported and shelved at the library. And I was thinking "hey, lazy guy, bring 'em by this week. Get a jump on it." But I am enjoying this pile... literally. Yup, I'm reading my way through it in odd moments and late nights. Admittedly, that will stop with next week AND with my duties as a Cybils' judge now upon me. Still, I mention this to show another huge perk about my the volunteering I do, just in case someone out there was on the fence about doing a bit o' the same in their life. Plus, thanks to this latest batch of books, if I ever go on Jeopardy, I know a heckuva lot of basic facts about bats!

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Little Willow said...

I wish Jeopardy! had a special tournament for books. Think of the categories!