Wednesday, April 09, 2014

30 Poets/Day 9 - Joyce Sidman and Alan Katz

I love how varied poetry can be, and today Joyce Sidman and Alan Katz give us great examples of the contrasting possibilities. From lyrical pantoum's to ch-ch-ch-chuckles and charm, poetry just makes me so darn happy. Which kinda explains the whole 30 Poets/30 Days thing!

Spring is the Time
(a pantoum)
Joyce Sidman

Spring is the time for eggs:
soft air and sprigs of green.
Bright lemon sun,
wet nights singing.

Soft air and sprigs of green,
Snug nests and puddles.
Wet nights singing,
feathery days.

Snug nests and puddles--
new life, new hope.
Feathery days,
yellow as yolk.

New life, new hope!
Bright lemon sun,
yellow as yolk.
Spring is the time for eggs.

©2009 Joyce Sidman. All rights reserved.
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Ch-ch-ch-check, Please
Alan Katz

I only eat foods that begin with “c-h,”
like chicken and churros and chili.
If you're cooking dinner and there's no “c-h,”
then trying to feed me is silly.

Today I had chocolate and chickpeas and chips,
chimichangas and chow mein and cheese.
Tonight, chunky chowder is the only choice--
(Mom is out of “c-h” recipes).

She ordered a cookbook that's coming tomorrow;
Mom promised great foods she'll be makin'.
It will be a menu of new “c-h” treats--
like chmeatloaf!! Chomelets! Chbacon!

(from a collection to be published by McElderry Books in 2011 (and to be illustrated by Ed Koren))

© Alan Katz. All rights reserved.
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Yesterday, we had poems from Adam Rex and Ralph Fletcher. Tomorrow... Bruce Lansky and Carmen T. Bernier-Grand.

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Jone said...

Greg, I love Joyce's pantuom. And sharing it with Alan Katz"s pome. Makes a nice contrast. I guest blogged at Author Amok yesterday by talking about how Sidman's pantuom is a source poem for me.