Tuesday, April 08, 2014

30 Poets/Day 8 - Adam Rex and Ralph Fletcher

Ahhh, day eight of National Poetry Month, when thoughts turn to Christmas and weeds thanks to Adam Rex and Ralph Fletcher. Or maybe your thoughts turn to Christmas and weeds every April day, but even then, it takes poetry to help you see them in new ways like those we get here.....

The Flight Before Christmas
Adam Rex
(author's note: I've been trying to make this idea work off and on for years. This is the closest I've come. -Adam Rex, 2009)

'Tis the flight before Christmas. Our aircraft today
is a Boeing C-25 JingleBus sleigh.
At this time I would like to say "welcome aboard"
and please ask for all luggage and toys to be stored
in the space by your feet or the overhead sack.
Use caution untying the sack when you pack
as the toys may have shifted about during flight.
Santa gets a bit…dazed by the end of the night.
It's hardly surprising for someone who stares
for twelve hours at eight tiny reinderrières.
Plus the eggnog. Our point is, expect a rough ride,
but in two thousand years not one passenger’s died.
In the likely event of a freefall or dive
there’s an oxygen mask that will keep you alive.
We ask that you first find a mask for yourself–
put it on and pull tight before helping an elf.
Get your safety belt buckled, and keep it that way–
no standing or stretching at all in the sleigh.
Not a soul should be stirring, not even the mice.
Our pilot is quite the flotation device!
If we land in the water, hold onto him tight.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight.

©2009 Adam Rex. All rights reserved.
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Ralph Fletcher

Weeds in the sunlight,
swaying in the breeze.

Weeds pollinated by
hordes of hungry bees.

Weeds softly whispering,
spilling secret seeds.

Weeds multiplying:
weeds, weeds, weeds.

Dandelion, ragweed,
Queen Anne’s lace.

Weeds in my dreams,
weeds in outer space.

Weeds on vacation
but more staying home.

Sneaky little weedlings
sprouting in this poem!

© 2010 Ralph Fletcher. All rights reserved.
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KateCoombs said...

These are both so good! Especially reinderrières.