Friday, September 27, 2013

Gesine Bullock-Prado on Pietry Friday!

I'm calling it Pietry Friday here at GottaBook since I'm talking to author and baker Gesine Bullock-Prado, and we're talking all about pie!

I have to tell you that I spent farrrrr too long looking at Gesine's cookbooks and the pictures she's posted online as I was preparing this post. Her work is so gorgeous - I consider it poetry on a plate - that it was everything I could do not to take fork and knife to my screen. I can't do the food or her justice in this small post, so I urge you to check out Gesine's blog and books as soon as you're done here. Or earlier, if you need a fix!

Was it later experiences that led you to devote a whole cookbook to the sweet and savory joy of piedom? Or was pie a major part of your childhood?

No. Not in the American sense. But I did have tarts galore in the German/Austrian style which are just pies under another name. It wasn't until I grew up that I was able to dive into the splendiferous world of pie, American style. The double crusteds, the creams. The mile highs and the crumbles. I love them all.

You make the most gorgeous looking food. Is there anything, pie or not, that sticks out in your head as gorgeous and actually bake-able by, say, someone with my limited skills?

Absolutely. I suggest starting with a simple free form pie, one that doesn't even require a pie pan. And with a simple blueberry filling that only requires you to do a little tossing and coating, you'll have a delicious pie in no time.

Do you have a favorite pie or pie recipe?

I'm partial to cream pies. Chocolate cream in particular. With a puff pastry crust, a little chocolate ganache coating the crust and then light and airy chocolate cream in the middle, nothing better.

Is it important to know the difference between a crisp, a crumble, a brown betty, and a cobbler?

It's only important that you know what you like eating. And all are tasty, so knowing the difference really isn't crucial. (Greg's note: thank goodness, cuz I never do!)

I know you do some classes, and I see you on TV and all that... but what can we look for coming up?

A book for the go to baker who's required to have all kinds of tricks in his or her baking quiver, from decadent treats, to gluten-free, to dairy & egg free to healthy. I'll have options for everyone.

I can't wait, personally, for a healthy pecan pie ala mode :-)

My thanks to Gesine for stopping by. Now go check out her books - she can flat out tell a story, too. And actually...

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win Gesine's Pie it Forward and my own 14 Fibs of Gregory K.!

Ahhhh! Pie!


Linda B said...

My daughter and I love making pies, and will love this book! Thanks for the pie-etic interview, Greg!

jama said...

*licking my screen*

Will definitely have to check out Gesine's recipes!

Will you be writing any pieku to celebrate your new book?

evelyne holingue said...

Key lime, which is not a typical French pie, is my American favorite. And any pie a la mode since I can order it with my French accent.
Cheers to you and your book!