Sunday, April 22, 2012

Robert L. Forbes - A Kestrel Couple

A Kestrel Couple
Robert L. Forbes

My Elize
On the breeze
Through the trees
To our nest
In flighting
Kestrel kiting
Now alighting
From our quest.

Squirmy worms
Earth affirms
Eager squeaks,
Mewling mood
Foraged food
Feeds the brood
Fast chewed
In cheeky beaks.

Timeless honor
Father, mother,
Eye-closed lives
Lovesong sung
Heartmate won
Spring sprung
Eggs done –
Nature thrives

© Robert L. Forbes. All rights reserved.

Robert L. Forbes might be the only 30 Poets/30 Days participant who has, this year, read at Books of Wonder in New York and been at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland (he might not be - I haven't asked), but I guarantee you he isn't the only one to wake up in the night thinking poetry, grabbing a pad, and getting to work. When I read an interview where he talked about that being part of his work process... boy, could I relate! He's a man who has verse and verses running through his brain, and luckily, he's found a way to get them out so everyone can enjoy them.

The illustration and poem above are from an upcoming Robert L. Forbes poetry collection, where he once again collaborates with the remarkable illustrator Ronald Searle. The first two book, Beastly Feasts and Let's Have a Bite, feature a wonderful range of animals coming alive in whimsical verse and with a quirky perspective... all accompanied by illustrations that sing with the poems. Take a peak on his website for more. Though before you go away, let me just add that I love the passion, excitement, and sense of fun Robert L. Forbes brings to his work, and I'm thrilled to be able to have him here today as part of 30 Poets/30 Days.

Yesterday, we had JonArno Lawson with Burning Hot Banana. Tomorrow, The Last Hen from Thanhha Lai! For more on 30 Poets/30 Days and ways to follow along, please click here.


Siar said...

I have to admit that genius can do what common persons cannot imagined.

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Amy LV said...

This is fabulous! I love these kestrels...and cannot wait to show this to my own science-teacher-bird-lover-mate! Thank you both! a.

tanita✿davis said...

And the circle goes 'round again.
Like that one. The phrase "beaky cheeks" is going to stick with me. ☺

Linda B said...

Next door each year, our neighbors have a pair of kestrels nesting & raising their babies. It's a wonder & you've shown this so beautifully in your poem, Robert. Your book must be terrific. Thanks Greg for introducing this work to me.

Charles Waters said...

Forbes' writing reminds me of Valerie Worth. Not a word wasted!