Saturday, April 14, 2012

Helping The Late Bird Fly....

Thanks for all your kind words this week here, on Twitter, on Facebook, in email, and in the ether about the launch of my first ever e-book (chock full of poetry galore!). Thanks, too, to all of you who helped spread the word. Y'all rock!

I haven't gotten a review yet, so I sit nervously wondering if it'll be a one-star slam - "imperfect words in an imperfect order!" - or something else. (Those who love the book and aren't related to me, by the way, feel free to review!) I am sure when reviews happen, I'll find something else to think about, too.

I plan to have the ebook available for Nook and iBooks soon, but I wanted to share some links here because the truth is, you do NOT need a specialized reading device to read the book. You can read it on your Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad by downloading a free Kindle app:

Kindle for Mac
Kindle for PC
Kindle for iPod, iPhone, and iPad are all available through the App Store. 

(The truth, by the way, is that I don't have a Kindle or dedicated e-reader of my own. Go figure!)

These first few days of watching The Late Bird fly have been a blast for me, and that's mostly because of all of you and the support and cheering and encouragement all that good stuff. So, thank you again!  I look forward to sharing more news and such with you sooooon, but now, I'm gonna dive into some poetry. Hope to see you there!


Amy LV said...

I got it on my phone! It's a blast, and I was giggling out loud asking my husband to come and listen. When we pick up our children from horsie land this Sunday, they will take turns passing the phone back and forth, filling the backseat with your words and their laughter. Thank you, Greg, and congratulations! a.

Linda B said...

Congratulations again, Greg. Must be fun to see it "fly"! I've really enjoyed the poems, so will try to say more than just give the link soon. Happy writing more!

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks, Amy and Linda! I appreciate the kind words and the support from both of you.

Siar said...

I do appreciate it, thanks.

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