Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Taking Stock (and Happy New Year!)

I always like to do a personal year-in-review, looking to see what's going right and wrong, what's on and off track, what I should do going forward, and what I definitely shouldn't do going forward based on looking backward!

The review a personal thang, not really the stuff of blog posts for me, but this year something really stood out in sharp relief: I am happy when I'm writing, and when I don't have time to write... well, jeez, it's frustrating in a way I don't think I ever understood.

So, I'll use that as motivation next year, stealing minutes when days don't offer hours, and taking hours when they come. It's a rare moment of clarity... so feel free to remind me of it sometime in the middle of next year :-)

I wish you and all of yours a very happy and healthy 2011!


Sondy said...

I love that. In IF YOU WANT TO WRITE, by Brenda Ueland, she has a chapter called something like (It's not in front of me so this isn't word perfect): "Why Women Should Neglect Housework in Order to Write." She says that when she does her writing first, her other work gets done better and more cheerfully. I've found the same thing myself. Writing energizes me.

Emma Price said...

Refecting is good for the soul. It helps us groe.

Emma Price said...

Sorry about that--Reflecting is good for the soul. It helps us grow.