Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The sad decline of the desk chair

My desk chair suddenly got old. It doesn't just creak when I lean back against it. No. It POPS loudly and part of the back gives way, shifting my body. There's a tube hanging out of the side that used to... uh... be something or another. I vote lumbar support.

The arm pieces, too, are now cracking and worn. The chair isn't really broken, but it's mighty disconcerting and a tad sad.

I should get rid of it, I'm sure, but I've written some mighty fine poetry in this chair. What if it's the key to my creativity? Or what if it's been holding me back all these years???? Hmmm.

I am pleased to say I didn't think about any of this while I was up in Seattle. The SCBWI chapter up there if fantabulous, with an amazing core of volunteers running a tight ship and providing so much for their members... who were every bit as impressive. A great time for me, indeed.

The chair will wait, too. For tomorrow... off to Kidlitcon!


Julie said...

Loved finally meeting you, and getting to hear you talk about social media (which bits of me resist - Dinosaur DNA vs. New Millennium - the Smackdown!) but I am attending to the message, have my Facebook account, have my blog, even went to SiteMeter and ALMOST registered. :-) Glad to hear you enjoyed Seattle. Please give my regards to the poets at Kidlitoshpere/D.C.

Julie said...

P.S. Very sorry about your chair. In my (too distant) youth I had a pair of jeans that I loved so much, when they wore out I buried them under a rose bush in the backyard of a man who had an Academy Award/Oscar on his fireplace mantle. In London. True story. I seldom get back to visit the grave site, but every once in awhile I watch the Oscar-winning movie and feel the connection again. Chairs, jeans - the heart loves what it loves, no?

Thanks again for the great presentation to our SCBWI Chapter.

kim baker said...

You're such a busy guy! We LOVED having you up to Seattle, and I'm so jealous that you're off to the Kidlitosphere conference. Lobby for the west coast again next year, won't you?

Thanks, Greg!

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