Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I'm Pretty Well Connected (v. 2.0) - a Social Web poem/a social network poem

I’m Pretty Well Connected (v. 2.0)
Greg Pincus

I’m pretty well connected.
I’ve got my Facebook page.
I tweet, blog, plurk
From home and work.
I link, connect, engage!

I Stumble, and I Ustream.
My YouTube channel’s big.
I’m there on Sphinn,
MySpace, LinkedIn.
I HARO, and I Digg.

Goodreads, Hulu, Google -
Flixster and Squidoo -
You’ll find me there
While in my chair!
I Yelp and podcast, too.

FourSquare, FriendFeed, Flickr?
Of course I have accounts.
And also Ning
and Ping and Bing
Plus eight I can’t pronounce.

I’m pretty well connected.
I love the web, it’s true.
But it’s just fine
If you’re offline...
I’ve got some friends there, too :-)

Just as with last year and version 1.0 of I'm Pretty Well Connected, I look forward to clicking those hyperlinks in years ahead to see if they all still work. This time, by the way, a few link to my own profiles rather than just the sites themselves - another 2.0 revision.

With FriendFeed already acquired by Facebook, will it be the first to go... or will someone else above be acquired or just go under? Any predictions, comments, or thoughts about what v. 3.0 will look like are more than welcome!


Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Yeah, I love this - and it's fascinating how it will change probably every year! (will myspace still be there in 3 years?)
Great poem, Greg!

Barbara Bietz said...

Terrific, Greg! I'm not sure what is scarier - all the stuff I do or all the stuff I don't!

Unknown said...

This is very enlightening, Yikes! I never knew there were so many things to follow! Great Poem!

Rita said...

Hm. I'm starting to fall behind.

Great poem, as always, Greg. You show us the way and keep us grounded at the same time. :D

jon said...

Great stuff, Greg.

Do you really plurk, or was that just poetic license?

Stephanie Denise Brown said...

I loved your poem! :)

Sally Murphy said...

Great poem, Greg. there's lots here I adn't heard of - and I thought I was well-conencted :)

Anonymous said...

We liked the content and the article. Worth the time.

Carmela Martino said...

How fun, Greg. I'm only in a couple of these networks, but I'm actually in one you don't mention--JacketFlap.

Amy-Baskin.blogspot.com said...

Love it. Now I need to unplug myself from The Matrix for awhile and get something done off-line.

Greg Pincus said...

Oh, I definitely used poetic license in writing this - I'm not on all of those sites and, like Carmela mentioned, I'm on JacketFlap and probably others I didn't include. I don't think I could write a poem with all social web sites in it, as it changes daily and is multiple hundreds long already!

Thanks for the comments, y'all. Or should I say... nice connecting with you!

Violet N. said...

What fun! Haven't heard of half of these, but if your predictions are true, in a few months it may not matter.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Great one, Greg! I'm actually quite relieved that you're not on all of these sites--though I was ready to believe that you are!! :)

And on a tangent, let me just say that I used HARO for the first time earlier this month (looking for an interview subject) and holy crap! I got over 50 replies. It was really something. I felt like an editor must feel, saying thanks, but I already found someone 50 times in a row.