Monday, May 04, 2009

What's next?

April's done, and it's time to look forward here at GottaBook. I have to say that the only downside I can find so for to 30 Poets/30 Days is that my blog content isn't gonna match that level of quality/quantity again any time soon!

Still, although I won't likely be posting every single day, there will be poetry, as mentioned Friday, both mine and others! And there will be anecdotes and ruminations and talk of my wild adventures, as well as links to the cool stuff other Kidlitospherians are doing AND perhaps even an Oddaptation or two. Plus, there are events coming up to talk about. And... well...

A lot of y'all are new readers here either through the "poetry only" email list (available over on the right hand side of the blog) or by reading/subscribing to the whole blog after finding it during April. I'd love to hear from you about what you'd like to see here. I have a lot of fun at GottaBook and want to make sure it's not just me! So feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me if you've got ideas.

Finally today, I want to send you all off to an online auction to help a fellow writer/blogger, Bridget Zinn. Bridget got an agent in February... then a cancer diagnosis (plus a marriage proposal!) shortly after. Friends of hers have put together an auction to help Bridget with medical bills, and many of us in the Kidlitosphere have offered up items to help. (Have I ever mentioned what a great community the children's lit bloggers are? True!) Anyway, there are many signed books available as well as original art, manuscript critiques and other services great for writers/illustrators/others. It's win-win, really - get something you want (or want to give someone) and help at the same time. I hope you'll check it out and/or stop by Bridget's blog (where her wonderful attitude is on display despite the adversity) and wish her well.

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