Thursday, May 14, 2009

Triple the good-osity

If you're not already familiar with Guys Lit Wire, there's a mighty fine reason to go check them out. GLW's mission has always been to bring great books to the attention of teenage boys. Now it's going one step further than just reviewing/posting/talking - they're having a Book Fair! Specifically:

Today we start the first two week Guys Lit Wire Book Fair for Boys to help the teens incarcerated in the LA County Juvenile Justice System. They have no books - at all - and they need them; they need them desperately.

There is much more information in this announcement post, and I hope you'll go check it out.

Also, of the good-osity variety... I'm gonna toss out another mention of the Bridget Zinn Auction. I know I mentioned it before, but there is a ton of new stuff up for bid. Yes, lots of great gift items, but also things like lifetime membership in the Children's Book Insider Clubhouse, website design, social media planning, and critiques from writers and actual EDITORS. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

And finally... today, Fuse #8 posted the number one picture book based on her poll. Go see what it was... and tell me if you're surprised. I got that right... though was off on so many others that it wasn't funny! Anyway, it's a fab and fascinating list of 100, and I'm looking forward to her final notes in days ahead.

More soon... but I gotta book!

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