Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The onlininess of it all....

This weekend, I overheard the inspirational/instructional/damned funny Bruce Coville saying that he'd like to be paid to name things. Me, too. Or to make up words. So today I dub "onlininess" in hopes that it's a new word for all the online-y stuff out there.

What struck me at this past weekend's SCBWI Conference was simply how many people are online in one form or another: tons and tons of bloggers (most of whom I've never even run into; folks into MySpace or Facebook; the denizens of Verla Kay's boards; people with their own websites; publishers with new online initiatives. What's it all mean? Convergence, I suppose. And good to see folks embracing rather than shunning.

Along these lines, seems like a good time to plug the upcoming Kidlit Bloggers Conference (Conference 2.0!) in September in Portland. Hope to see many of you there.

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