Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gold! Gold!

I have decided, perhaps a bit late in life, that I want to win a gold medal. Or a silver. Or a bronze. I wonder if Fibbing will become an Olympic sport? I wouldn't win at procrastination, not only because I'm a professional crastinator and thus not qualified, but also because my skills aren't what they once were. Desk cleaning? Possible. Desk messying? Yes.

Hmmm... not really looking promising. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you take up curling.

Rita said...

You have inspired me, with this post, to also want to win a gold medal. And that's what the Olympics are about: inspiration. You get a gold for that.

And Kelly Fineman's comment has cracked me up as well! So another gold goes to Kelly, for placing first comment in this post!

ken said...
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ken said...

i may have a solution to your desire for olympian glory. please view the following video:

i think there is an event in there for you. perhaps q-tipping or turkish luge is for you. maybe flapping. or if you are very daring there is murder checkers!

watching your back, my friend. :)