Saturday, September 08, 2007


So, I've developed a new genre of poetry. I call it poofetry. What is it? It's poetry that's a little bit along the lines of Russian roulette. See, my computer has a bad power supply (part on order, thanks). Consequently, it simply shuts down from time to time, and there's nothing my UPS and surge suppressor can do about it. And that's right... whatever you're working on at the moment is GONE FOREVER. Yup, it goes POOF.

And so... Poofetry is what you write and save. You can only save once. If you fail to save and the power goes off, the poem is gone. Oh, sure, cheaters among us can then try and rewrite the same lines, but frankly, the power supply gods know, and they'll shut you down faster than you can write "Jim Dandy." So you type and work and type and work and then, when your nerves get you and you want to make sure you keep this gem forever, you save. And that's it -- the piece of Poofetry is done, never to be edited.

So far, my collection of Poofetry is pretty weak. I'm kinda chicken, having lost the same long email three times running (hey, normally the computer stayed on for an hour, at least. How was I to know it would be 5 minutes?). And so, here's my fave of what I've got:

Loss of power
Makes me sour
And it

Hey, I told you I was chicken!

This, btw, is a poof-post. So I gotta book!


SilberBook-Blog said...

New Genre-Alert!!!

technology wreaked havoc and you reap the benefits!

Rita said...

Hilarious. That poem says it all.