Sunday, September 02, 2007

I fried an egg on...

... the floor in my office. No, really. It's that hot.

Well, maybe not. But it's hot enough that my computer actually overheated and shut itself off. See, there's no air-conditioning in my office. Normally that's not a problem. About 2-3 weeks out of any year, I think "well, it would be nice to have it" and another 2-3 weeks I think "well, it would be REALLY nice to have it." We're in the latter spell. So I'm gonna go get some bacon and work on that. Might as well have a fine meal.

If I'm not here tomorrow, just know that I left y'all for someplace cooler. Like a volcano!

1 comment:

Mac McCool said...

Greg! Leave the heat of the office, strap your boots and go out for a hike! See what this scorching weather dropped on my way this weekend! Oh, and can you please bring a coffee refill when the bacon's cooked? Heehee!