Monday, March 05, 2007

Words and more words

So... as I mentioned, this weekend I got to hear four wonderful children's authors (some of whom also illustrate) talk about their work, this time to a mixed audience of adults and kids. It was quite impressive to see how Doug Cooney, Susan Patron, Julie Mammano, and Susan Goldberg Rubin were able to reach everyone in the room, thus proving yet again, I think, the universality of children's books. Either that or the charm and wit of children's book creators. Or both!

Anyway, I got to hear these four speak at the inaugural Little Women (and Men) and Words event, a kidlit-based spin off of the Los Angeles area Women and Words festival. Good times indeed, with four very entertaining, talented speakers.

And speaking of talented and entertaining... I send you off to another new kidlit blogger, Clark Childers. Clark shares my love of screenwriting as well, and also has one of the greatest kidbook "success stories" I've ever heard. Well, that is if you consider getting to read your book to a packed hall while backed by a symphony playing a piece composed specifically for your book to be a success. So also check out his books' main site here, and poke around.

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