Thursday, March 08, 2007

Son of Chaaaaarrrrggggeee!

Sigh. Remember how, a few weeks ago, I said I thought we'd tame the beast that is what I will now call the LWIVL (Library Where I'm the Volunteer Librarian)? Well, doesn't matter if you remember or not... the point of today's post is to say it's not gonna happen just yet. For those of you who take librarians for granted... you really gotta stop that. Now, if we simply had books on shelves and no one ever using or needing them, that'd be one thing. But we've got bustle and hustle and reading galore, and we volunteers spend all our time simply keeping things at a baseline rather than moving beyond. Yes, it's a good baseline, but still....

On the very big upside, however, I'm about to put 1500 books onto the shelves, having had some stellar folks cataloging them for me. PLUS, thanks to some loverly blogging pals, new donations are showing up, and they are GREAT books. I'm such a softie that when we get new books in I've been known to run around showing them to everyone at the school. Anyway, we have a shelf space issue, so looks like I'll be doing some weeding in the next couple weeks. Or in other words... see y'all later, but now I gotta pull books!

Some of the recent library readalouds:

Willy the Dreamer -- Anthony Browne
Raven -- Gerald McDermott
Show Way -- Jacqueline Woodson; illustrated by Hudson Talbott
The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote -- Tony Johnston
Duck and Goose -- Tad Hills
Tar Beach -- Faith Ringgold
Oh! and Ah! -- Josse Goffin


Lisa Yee said...

Think of the muscles you will grow shelving all those books!

Greg Pincus said...

And I volunteered for this job so that I could GAIN muscles, so it's a perfect fit!

Last year at one point, I vowed I'd never lift another box of books again. Didn't happen. Maybe next year?