Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's wood! It's wood!

Yes, it's a banner day -- I've once again found the top of my desk. What a relief. In the process, I discovered no unpaid bills and no important documents (well, other than photos. Sorry, Mom!). But I did find a few scraps of paper with ideas jotted down on them. My fellow writers know what I'm talking about here: hidden GOLD!

Yes, on these slips of paper, I had written sheer brilliance as inspiration had come to me at random moments (defined here as "moments where the only thing handy was a slip of paper."). Admittedly, it'd been a long time since I'd last cleaned my desk allll the way, but I think my note "boy wizard in wizard school???" is going to be the one that really puts me on the map.

Looking forward, it's a marathon library week for me as we try and get as much done before vacation as possible, so even though I've got a clean desk, I won't be using it much. But that's okay. It also means there's not time to mess it up, and that's gotta be good for something.

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Nancy said...

I finally gave in a few months ago, sat down with all my slips of paper, and entered them into a word document called "Snippets." Bits of poetry, story ideas, character names, scenes, phrases.... It was a big relief to get rid of the paper actually.