Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Blinding You With Science (Poetry, That Is)!

I am super excited to be part of The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science, out this week from Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong!

The book is chock full of over 300 science related poems by an incredible assortment of poets - Laureates J. Patrick Lewis, Mary Ann Hoberman, and Kenn Nesbitt, for example, or Joyce Sidman and Jane Yolen as other examples. Oh, and I'm in there, too!

The poems say they're for K-5, but I've been reading them since they arrived and... oh, just buy it. It's great stuff (and I'm not even using the classroom bonus material).

If you want the poems broken down by grade level, you can get that, too - there are six smaller books - the K through 5 booklets, really - that you can purchase individually (with bonus poems, but not all the same teacher-ish stuff in it).

You can check out all the Poetry Friday Anthologies on the Pomelo Books website as they are all worth a look.

But in the meantime, I say to you... Science!!!!

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Janet Wong said...

Your blurb ". . . oh, just buy it!" is my favorite of all the endorsements yet! Thank you, Greg!! (can we have some gold stickers made up with that phrase?)