Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm For Sale Cheap!!!!

Or maybe not so cheap if y'all get into a bidding war! Regardless, I'm part of an auction - all of which is open to you (and all of which is worth checking out!). Here's what you can get from me:

You can bid on a one hour phone call with me to discuss writing, poetry, whatever (or, dare I say it, turn it into Skype visit!) and get a signed copy of The 14 Fibs of Gregory K.

And you can bid on two hours of my social media consulting services - currently going for a huge discount to my normal rate.

There are some really amazing things in this auction, by the way (your kid in a Marvel comic! A personalized greeting recorded by The Ice King from Adventure Time! Various table reads here in Hollywood, signed swag, and two times me!), and it's for a school that does absolutely extraordinary things for some amazing students.

Bidding ends Saturday evening, so hurry, I say. Buy me for a great cause! And thanks!


Heidi Mordhorst said...

Way to support your local charter school, Greg! I haven't been by in while, but when I stop in, I find Dumb Starbucks and shameless marketing to entertain me, which is why you deserve the Sunshine Award. Go to my post today to find out about it--it's fun if you have time!

:Donna Marie said...

Greg, if I had $ for ANYthing, I'd love to bid to win a Skype visit with my daughter-in-law's class, but...*sigh*

Have fun with the winners! :D