Sunday, February 05, 2012

Seeing Football - a sports poem/a poem about imagination

Seeing Football
Greg Pincus

A football game is on TV -
Fans watching, cheering, screaming.
But I’m not tuning in like that:
I’m thinking, drifting, dreaming.

I see myself out on the field
With toughness, savvy, skills.
I’ll take the whole crowd’s breath away…
Cause goose bumps, sore throats, thrills.

I’m linebacker. I’m running back.
I’m safety, tight end, guard.
I play my heart out, fighting for
Each inch, each foot, each yard.

I’m quarterback. I’m cornerback.
I’m center, punter, kicker.
I catch the ball. Defenders chase!
I’m faster, sharper, quicker.

You watch the screen. I’m playing hard.
I’m jumping, diving, scoring!
Compared to what’s inside my head
That TV game is boring.

It's Super Sunday here in the States, so if you, like me, are watching the game, I do hope you enjoy that game and that it's anything but boring!

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4 comments: said...

Super, Greg!

Linda B said...

Certainly the day for this poem, & it makes me wonder how many young boys imagine themselves right there out on the field, running, swinging past the blockers, all the way down the field! Hurrah for dreams.

KarolinaS said...

Awesome! This is why I prefer my imagination to real life (most of the time anyway...).

violet said...