Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Modest Leap Day Proposal - a Leap Day poem

A Modest Leap Day Proposal
Greg Pincus

Leap Day comes so rarely.
Why not make it cool?
Make each one a holiday -
Cancel work and school!

Happy Leap Day to you all. It's the second one we've had together at GottaBook... and it's my second Leap Day poem, too.

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Linda B said...

I guess there are plenty out there who would agree. Now people are proposing that we just add a day onto a month here & there to keep the days the same every year. They must not like this 'special' day for some reason. Thanks for always starting the day with a good sense of humor!

Penny said...

I would vote for that, but we probably wouldn't get paid. :)

Lit Chic said...

If only...

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Love the poem, going to post it around with your name and all - credit where it's due...