Thursday, February 02, 2012

Punxatawney Phil Sees His Shadow - a Groundhog Day poem

Punxatawney Phil Sees His Shadow
Greg Pincus

You say “Boo! More snow and gloom.”
But me? I think it’s cool -
More winter means that there’s more chance
Of a snow day off from school!

And a Happy Groundhog Day to you all, whether you're for or against the predicted six more weeks o' winter.

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Janie Emaus said...

Groundhog's Day is a special day in our family as it's also my husband Birthday. And he's more important than Phil.

Greg Pincus said...

Hey, Janie! Your husband is more important than Phil, for sure. Yet I'm curious - did your husband see his shadow and does he agree we're in for more winter???? :-)

Anonymous said...

Ground hog day is so silly that it deserves a poem.