Saturday, March 26, 2011

And the Poems Keep Rolling In From Every Side...

Fine. I'll admit it. There's a selfish aspect of the whole 30 Poets/30 Days project: I get to see unpublished poems by all my poetic heroes arriving in my inbox!

I mean, really, how lucky am I? I wake up in the morning and get to read a new Janet Wong poem. I come home from errands and Joan Bransfield Graham has sent me three to look at. THREE!!

I, of course, encourage all the poets to give me options. Lots and lots and lots of options, even if I already know which poem I'm going to use. Please, don't tell them - they think it's all about the project, not about my reading pleasure. Shhhhh.

The truth is that I hate the options because then I have to make choices between fabulous poem A and wonderful poem B and sometimes incredible poems C, D, E or onward. Who can make these choices? It's brutal, yet this, my friends, is the burden I take on just for you. 

Have I mentioned that April is gonna be a whole lotta fun around here? Sure, I'm biased... but if you were reading my inbox, I know you'd agree.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow Greg, I love your enthusiasm.
And your love of poetry. And this
entire post. Every word.

Rebecca Dotlich