Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's good to know

That here in 2008, days can disappear as quickly and fully as they did in 2007. Somewhere there's a huge stash of days, kinda like the missing socks from the dryer. I suspect that there'll be days from every year since time began, lost by some hunter/gatherer/writer who pursued an oddball idea or got lost in a book or in a cool pattern in the grass or whatever it might be.

Anyway, tomorrow will bring a bit o' Fibbery but this day has disappeared on me, so now I gotta book!


Sheila said...

Have you read The New Policeman? If not, you must read it! It explains where all the missing time goes. (And socks come into it, too)

Gregory K. said...

Thanks for the tip, Sheila. If I ever find the time to read it, I shall do so!