Saturday, March 10, 2007

Smartly, Smartly

I happen to know that a few GottaBook readers have entered the Write It Now! competition in the past or maybe already this year. I've even won an Honorable Mention in it, much to my happiness.

But there's much else over at SmartWriters, including the monthly Smart Writers Journal. And if you happen to follow that link, you can read an article (or as I call it for Ms. SmartWriter/author Roxyanne Young, a smarticle) written by yours truly. It's on "blogging smart," and I hope you'll head on over and read the Journal 'til you find me (I'm the second goatee, down and to the right).


Disco Mermaids said...

Thanks for the link in your SmartWriters article. You're one SmartBlogger!

Terry P. said...

Hey, thanks for sharing this, Greg. Not only was your article interesting, but when I was scrolling back up, I saw a book review of my easy reader, Tae Kwon Do! That was like the cherry on top :-)

gail said...

Seems like I'm doing things backwards! I found your blog via the SmartWriters page. Anyway, just glad I found it.