Monday, March 19, 2007


Thanks to the talented and faboo Lee Wardlaw and her equally fab blog, I now know that today is National Poultry Day. So I was wondering... how does one celebrate such a day? Do you celebrate by scrambling eggs, or conversely by becoming vegetarian? Do you go kiss a chicken? And here in L.A., where would I find said chicken?

Then I started to wonder if she got things confused with the upcoming, with-a-weird-accent-it's-homophonic National Poetry Month? Suddenly, I started jotting notes.

Now when folks ask where writers get ideas (and as every writer reading this blog knows... folks DO ask that!), they never think they pop out of the ether from something as goofy as this.But I will admit I plan to write some poultry poetry just because the very name amuses me. Sure, I've waxed poetic about eggs before, and I'm not saying I'm writing verses on turkeys and pheasant. But as a writer, ya just never know what idea you might hatch or what might inspire you on any random day.

And if YOU need inspiration... why not hop over to Midwestern Lodestar for the 12th Carnival of Children's Literature? I am verrrrrry sorry to say that I do not have a post in here (the first one I've missed since starting off in number 2) due to my own lack of time/time management skills of late. But man oh man, is it chock full of way great stuff. Get thee hence and read.


Elaine Magliaro said...


Sometimes all it takes is a silly little Pluto ditty or two to inspire me! So...taking the lead from Doug Florian AND you, I wrote a Pluto poem today and posted it at Blue Rose Girls. I included a link to a Publishers Weekly article about Florian's new book of space poems. The article includes his original poem about Pluto, which he rewrote after the decision was made by the IAU to demote Pluto to a dwarf planet.

Keep writing those silly little verses!

Gregory K. said...

Lovely, lovely!

Here's the direct link to Elaine's post with her fantab edition to the small subcategory of Post-Planetary-Syndrome poems.