Monday, September 25, 2006

Success of some odd sort.

Well, I did it. I took the weekend almost entirely off from writing as I planned to do. Yup. Notice I say "almost entirely." I'm afraid that when I'm working on something -- as I am rather feverishly, I add, just in case any editors or friends of editors of mine stop by -- my brain never, I'm afraid, stops working on story or character or incident or jokes. But this weekend was definitely a butt-out-of-chair (BOOC???) weekend.

And did today dawn with me recharged? Did I find that time off made the whole process easier? Did I mysteriously solve plot problems simply by sleeping on it? Of course not. But I got a blog post out of it!

The purpose was not really any of the above, but rather to take a break for the purpose of taking a break. I love sitting down and writing (and love it more with coffee and chocolate), but all write and no non-write makes Gregory K. a dull boy.

And we can't have that now, can we?


Lisa Yee said...

And so that means you are now back to work writing?

saraclaradara said...

I knew I loved you for a reason...

you love all the important things in life: Writing, chocolate and coffee.

saraclaradara said...

Oh I forgot: you're also really, really funny!

Greg Pincus said...

Lisa -- I'm afraid I simply don't understand the question, so I guess I just can't answer.

Sara -- you forgot my dashing good looks and charm! Oh, and my strategy of giving everyone cash to solidify friendships!

See you for a mocha latte soon, I hope.