Monday, September 11, 2006

A little bit o' Fib stuff...

I haven't been talking much about Fibs lately, though I've certainly been thinking about them (and writing them) as they are part of what's still called The 14 Fabulous Fibs of Gregory K.

But here as the new school year is upon us, I'm pleased to say I've heard reports of teachers planning to teach Fibonacci poetry this year... on elementary up to college levels! I'd love to hear from anyone who does teach 'em, just to satisfy my sheer curiousity.

Also, I know I've mentioned The Fib Review before as a place to send Fibs for possible inclusion in a journal devoted to Fibbery. Now, there's a website named Fibetry dedicated to Fibonacci poetry.

As always, of course, people are encouraged to leave Fibs here in the comments at GottaBook (where, in fact, they continue to pop up on various posts linked over on the right under the headline The Fibs).

There's even more Fibbishness out there, I'm sure, but it's late and I'll save it for another time, because right now, I gotta book.


Anonymous said...

As an English teacher, I tried Fib poetry with my new class of 12 year olds. Most could do up to eight syllables in a line, and some got up to 13 and 21. As the sequence is open-ended, students can feel successful whatever their level of ability. They caught on to the idea pretty quickly, too.

Anonymous said...

No question 'bout it! let them roll...

Anonymous said...

Sigh..once again, GK,..forgot the 2 line...An incurable, blasphemous, mental block, I'm afraid...LOL

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks, Anon! First hand reports are great to hear.

And MC... you'd gone a long time without missing the two syllable line. I think it was just time. Now don't let it happen again....

Nancy said...

is that I
find every time
I write a Fib I make it rhyme.


Greg Pincus said...

Nancy -- nothing wrong with rhyming Fibs, as far as I'm concerned. Not that rhyming makes 'em more "poetic" necessarily, but sometimes it can make the Fib read more naturally, that's for certain. While Fibonacci poetry is not traditionally a rhyming form, there's also no prohibition. So heck... just write.