Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Me! A Podcast! And Alley Cats Strike!

Did you know that there is a podcast called the DCOM Podcast, all about the Disney Channel Original Movies (specifically the ones that hosts Eve and Matt remember and are now re-watching and analyzing)? Well, it's true! Why am I mentioning this, you ask?

It just so happens that I wrote the movie Alley Cats Strike for the Disney Channel, and I had a great conversation with Eve about it. It's now available and worth a listen (if, that is, you have any interest in Alley Cats Strike, the old Disney Channel movies, and how many writing decisions get made for different projects, and, very specifically, how I came up with "Delia's shot" towards the end of the film. Or if you're my mom or a relative, of course!).

It was great fun to revisit an project from the past and think about what I might do differently now and, honestly, what still works well. Thanks, Eve, for finding me. And I hope y'all will check out the podcast in general and its tumblr.

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Anonymous said...

Greg, this was so enjoyable to listen to :) I always loved bowling and am glad that's what this movie focused on. You don't see it much of anywhere, I guess 'cause it's not as physical as the typical "action" sports.

I tried to get it from the library (SO curious about it now!), but it wasn't available. Now I know why---they never put it on video. I hope I get to see it at some point :) Great interview!