Friday, October 25, 2013

How Much Do I Hate Math Class Right Now? - a Fib/a math class poem

How Much Do I Hate Math Class Right Now?
Greg Pincus

If you asked,
On a ten point scale,
No number equals how I feel. 

You'll actually find the above Fib in The 14 Fibs of Gregory K., leading off chapter 11. In fact, each chapter of the book, save one, begins with a Fib - a six line, 20 syllable poem based on the Fibonacci sequence as first talked about here back in April of 2006.

The Fibs in the book might also be fibs (I'll never tell!) as Gregory K. has a bit of a problem with the truth. The poems also factor into the plot. Yup - poetry and math drive the action along with humor and pie.

I can truthfully tell you that the idea of chapters having Fibs at the start and the Fibs being fibs stems from the very first conversation Arthur Levine and I had about this book. I'm not sure anything else besides that and the title remained... but this idea was sticky!

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Margaret Simon said...

Your book flew out of my hands to Nigel who read it in a week and is passing on recommendations to his classmates. One student and I just read all the fibs together. We haven't read the book yet. What a clever idea! Engaging to these young readers, for sure.

Irene Latham said...

Yay for sticky ideas, and for fibs, and for your new book! I think a lot of folks can relate to this poem!

WriterSideUp said...

The pic you posted of the pie you served at your book launch party looked SO delicious, I STILL want a piece :D