Friday, May 10, 2013

Reading News that Shocks No One

Well, perhaps it surprises some, but certainly not me - It turns out that the ability to choose what one reads is critical to promoting reading, or so says this Canadian study. This echoes an earlier Scholastic report I mentioned here (and no surprise: the Canadian study looked at prior data and studies to reach conclusions).

I think this plays out a lot with poetry, too, kinda along Lee Bennett Hopkins' idea that you should read kids poetry and get out of the way. Poetry and reading shouldn't be treated as chores - they're pleasures. How this plays out in a classroom is challenging, I know, but take away freedom all over and... well.... Choice, I say!

And you?


Jen Robinson said...

Not surprising to me, either. But I'm happy to see the report getting some media play. The more people are reminded about this, the better :-)

Gloson Teh said...

Your next blog post: "How to pick what one reads" ;)