Friday, July 06, 2012

On The Move, and That's No Fib

I'm about to go silent here for a handful of days. Why? MOVING! And no internet at the new place for a spell! Mind you, I still can check in, but posting? No. (By the way, as a moving present, feel free to get The Late Bird back to number one on the Kindle children's poetry charts. Thank you :-). Nook purchases of The Late Bird are always encouraged, too.).

Moving, even though we're still in Los Angeles, is a big stressful thang. Lotta changes coming, but some things don't change. Such as what, Greg? How about...

the fib review! This is issue twelve that the fine folks at Muse-Pie Press have put together, and the contributing poets this time around once again demonstrate that constraints of form don't have to mean constraints on poetics. Great stuff, as always. I hope you'll check it out. It's great (and amazingly free) reading.

The Poetry Friday roundup is at the Opposite of Indifference today. Enjoy the reads! And I'll leave you with a non-poetic but very fitting fib of my own....

Pack! Pack!
Pack, pack, pack.
Pack. Pack, pack, pack. Pack!
Sweet. All done. What? Oh. Pack! Pack! Pack!

See y'all next week....


Tabatha said...

I like your "Moving" fib. That's what moving has always been like for me -- you always think you'll be done sooner than you actually are! Hope things go smoothly for you.

Mary Lee said...

Hope your move goes smoothy and the changes are fun challenges and not insurmountable obstacles!

Linda B said...

As I will be moving some time this year, I am not sure your poem makes me feel exhilarated, more like
tired, tired,
tired, tired, tired

Well, you get the picture. I taught a fib lesson this past May with some 10 year olds. They loved it, Greg. I'll look up the review. Thanks! And hope you love the new place!

Ed DeCaria said...

Sometimes throwaway poems make me laugh the hardest. Something about the word "pack" is just funny.

Good luck with the move, Greg.

"the fib review" is very interesting. Didn't realize Fibs were so widely adopted. I might try to submit one there someday. I think I will also use the Fib form for one of my baseball poems, since half the readers of the sabermetric websites are math geeks anyways -- they'll love it.