Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Poetry Games - a poem about poetry

The Poetry Games
Greg Pincus

This year the arena is packed to the rafters
With fans cheering loudly for favorite word crafters.
We all have our heroes. We call out their names.
We root and we hoot at the Poetry Games.

Our friends tell us stories of tourneys gone by
When last second sonnets would make the crowds cry.
When two well-versed poets both wrote clerihew…
When strong double dactyls defeated haiku.

Now, this year we listen and hear poets score
With assonance, consonance, slant rhyme and more.
We sigh for a stanza that sends our souls soaring.
We hide as the similes fall like rain pouring.

Crowd favorites emerge from the tales that they tell
In free verse, in ballad, and in villanelle.
A triolet sends one opponent to doom.
Another one drops to a perfect pantoum.

Soon only two stand. We all watch them fight on.
Nobody leaves as they write until dawn.
Then they lay down their pens in this battle of brains…
And a winner is named! Pandemonium reigns!

These Games are a fiction, though here’s what is real:
The power of poems to make us all feel.
Poetry speaks of the world as we know it,
So celebrate words, and go cheer for a poet.

I wrote this poem for Ed DeCaria's March Madness when I had to use the word "pandemonium" (under time pressure, no less). I have to say, it seems like a great poem to run right after National Poetry Month....

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Ed DeCaria said...

Sounds as good today as it did when you first submitted it following your 36-hour mad writing window.

A great celebration of poetry packed into the poem itself.

Thanks for writing it and sharing it with all of us, Greg.

Shutta said...


Really enjoyed this!!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Dr. Dan said...

"’s what is real:
The power of poems to make us all feel."

Right on, Greg. That is exactly it!

Caroline Gill said...

Such a fun idea, Greg!