Sunday, January 01, 2012

How to Keep One New Year's Resolution - a new year's poem/a resolution poem

How to Keep One New Year’s Resolution
Greg Pincus

Here’s my resolution trick:
Resolve to break one really quick.
That way when the “break” is done,
You’re guaranteed of keeping one.

Happy New Year! May you keep all your resolutions (unless, of course, you resolve to break one, in which case you'll either break that resolution or another one or... oh... never mind.).

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Carol Grannick said...

Haha. Love it. My advice all the time. Happy New Year, Greg!

tanita✿davis said...

HAH!!! That'll work. That may be the only way I can keep any resolutions...

Thanks for making 2011 happier.

JenFW said...

I think I just made my first resolution.

I'd love to see a class of kids discuss this poem.