Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Updates. News. More!

During April, I often forget to come out from behind the poetry and say hello. "Hello!"

There's a bunch going on this month, so with no further ado...

Thanks to all who have checked out my Kickstarter project so far. With your help, I'm hoping to be able to launch Poetry: Spread the Word... and we're 38% of the way there! (Thanks, too, to everyone who's blogged, tweeted, and mentioned the project on Facebook).

Further thanks to all of you who have been passing 30 Poets/30 Days on to your friends (and students and fellow teachers and and and). I believe I can speak for all the poets participating when I say how happy and grateful we are that you're reading and sharing the work that pops up here.

I must tip my hat to Arthur A. Levine, my editor AND a 30 Poets/30 Days alum, who launched his picture book Monday is One Day on Friday. The illustrations by the fab Julian Hector and the lovely text by Arthur make for a great combination... and a great book for families (of any makeup) with a working parent. Or without, really!

Also, while I mentioned a few things poetry related going on in the Kidlitosphere this month, here's a much fuller list on the Kidlitosphere.org site.  Rocking stuff all around the web, indeed.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Nathalie Mvondo over at her great Multiculturalism Rocks! blog. You can read the interview here

I'm gonna slide back behind the curtain now, but I hope Poetry Month is going well for you, too!

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