Friday, March 18, 2011

Why I Love 30 Poets/30 Days

To celebrate Poetry Friday this week (with the weekly roundup over at Andromeda Jazmon's a wrung sponge), I wanted to share two links, each of which contains 30 links:

The 2009 30 Poets/30 Days poems.

The 2010 30 Poets/30 Days poems.

I do so love April, and I'm really looking forward to the poems and poets of the 2011 edition, too.


Tabatha said...

Can't wait! I have really enjoyed your previous collections.

Mary Lee said...

Why I Love April: 30 Poets/30 Days!!

Amy L V said...

I can't wait either...only 2 weeks left!

BookChook said...

Happy World Poetry Day! I dropped by to let you know I mentioned 30 Days in my Poetry celebration post today:

Susan Miles said...

I love doing these everyday with my students and staff! By the end of April the school lobby is full of the poems!